How to Cleanse!

The Liquid Life Chakra Cleanse is a full biological system reset designed to detoxify your body and refresh your overall state of being. It is what we like to call a transition cleanse and is perfect for beginners or people needing to get back on track. If you're interested in our advanced Hardcore Cleanse, please call Puna Tripp, our lead dietician @ 808.938.7462. 

Pre-Cleanse Preparation

It is best to plan your cleanse in advance to give yourself time to prepare. The days before you begin your cleanse, do your best to adhere to these rules. 

1) Drink Lemon Water, No Dairy, No Soda

2) Avoid Fried/Oil-based Foods

3) Avoid Processed Foods

4) Eat Raw Foods

5) Eat Foods High in Protein 

Cleanse Commencement

Start Your day with a 12oz glass of lemon water. 

Drink each beverage in the following order as a meal replacement every two hours with lemon water in between.

1) Red Roots - Beet Juice works miracles on your liver!  Because your liver works as a filter that cleanses your entire body, drink our Red Roots first in order to prime your arteries and stimulate your digestive track which will help you to better receive the rich nutrients to come. 

2) Orange Oasis - This drink is designed to fully cleanse your digestive tract, boost your Vitamin count and draw out toxins stored deep within your body. Be sure to pace yourself and listen to your stomach as you cleanse. Everyone is different, which means you'll have to monitor how much lemon water you think you'll need in between juices. 

3) ʻOlena Osmosis - The 3rd blend of our cleans is a Ginger/Turmeric juice which helps to boost your immune system. It primarily helps to reduce inflammation in the body that tends to happen when toxins are drawn from deep tissue and the blood stream. 

4) Green Garden - As the 4th drink of your day, our Green Garden is a perfect balance of various greens which help to give you the vitamins and nutrients needed while cleansing. In this drink alone you receive over a pound of vegetable content which is more than the needed daily intake for the average person. 

5) Blue Bliss - Blue Spirulina is a superfood algae which is high in protein and helps regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It is believe that because spirulina holds all the necessary nutrients for a human to survive, you could live off of this ingredient alone. 

6) Purple Passion - The 6th drink in your cleanse is designed to address your hormones. Most people face unrealized chemical imbalances within the body that can be the leading cause of anxiety, headaches, fatigue and other common ailments. This ayurvedic recipe combines roses, passion flower, passion fruit juice and hibiscus in order to balance your energy. Enjoy our Purple Passion which may very well be the most important!

For those of you who live active lives with physically demanding jobs and simply need more calories throughout your day, add on one or two of our auxiliary blends to match your lifestyle. 

After your cleanse is complete, finish your day with one last 12oz glass of lemon water before bed. This cleanse may be repeated daily and if you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to call or email cleanse@liquidlifehawaii.com 

Mahalo Nui Loa!